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What's New?

-Thank you to Sensei Xande Ribeiro for coming out and teaching a great seminar for all our students and guests, and thank you to everyone who attended! (June 18, 2022)


-Congratulations to Coach Erico and all our students that competed at the All Star Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Stockton! (March 12, 2022)

-Congratulations to Coach Richie Storelee on his dominating win at Fight 2 Win in Sacramento! (January 18, 2020)
-Thank you to Professor Eduardo Rocha for teaching a special seminar on the Dela Riva-X Guard, and congratulations to our students that earned new belts and stripes. (November 23, 2019)
-We will be closed Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th to support our team members as they compete at the U.S. Open in San Jose. 
-Join us in wishing good luck to Coach Erico Monteiro and Richie Storelee as they compete at the World Masters in Las Vegas this week! Oss! (August 18, 2019)


"An individual commitment to a group effort, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Our philosophy:

to prepare a student for life.


I asked around about Jiu Jitsu instruction and others that are long time veterans

of the fight world recommended Erico with enthusiasm.


My teenage sons are new to the sport and have been going here since the opening. They speak highly of Erico, his skill, teaching style, and attitude.

They go to extra classes every chance they get, which says it all for me.

- Louis R.